About Us Many years ago I had a dream to open my own studio. A place where dancers and parents feel  comfortable and welcomed and dance education is provided at a reasonable cost. Over 15 years  ago that dream was realized with the opening of P.S... Dance studio. Dancing is an activity with many benefits. Besides the obvious physical benefits it also develops  confidence, expression, poise, grace and teamwork. However, I believe dancing, especially  recreational dance,  shouldn’t be just about technique and technical details but should be fun and  enjoyed by the dancer. Having fun in class enhances the dance experience and develops happy  memories that last a lifetime.   Over the years I’ve found that the studio isn’t just about dance. Its about building friendships and  memories with the parents and students.  Each student I teach touches me in very special yet  different way. To see them come to their first class, wide eyed and eager to learn and then nine  months later watch them perform their routines to the best of their ability... for me there is no  greater reward! I am very aware of the economic environment we all are dealing with. At P.S... Dance every effort is  made to keep tuition and related costs (costumes, recital tickets, dance accessories, etc.) at a  minimum.  It’s my hope that dance and all that it offers is affordable and available to anyone who  seeks it regardless of their financial position. I truly have the best job there is. I get to teach dance!  Believe in your dreams,  Pam